• Jul 02 Wed 2008 14:29
  • Bali






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  • cychong
  • Bali 的 club med 聽說是小孩的天堂.
  • haha..club med, no money to go..>"<<br />
    <br />
    hope tat this trip will be nice.

    candysquare 於 2008/07/02 17:10 回覆

  • velisian
  • so coincidence, I was looking for Bali info these few days ... :)<br />
    When are u going?<br />
    I can wait for your comments and recommendations lor
  • i m going on aug.<br />
    but this time mayb i can't recommend much ler..cos the trip is not arrange by me.. i m following husband's marching band for 1/2 performance + 1/2 vacation..but i still do some research..just incase. <br />
    <br />
    when r u going? :-)<br />
    recently i read back ur Hongkong Trip..wow..so interesting..adi save in my research list.

    candysquare 於 2008/07/02 22:51 回覆