Jill told me in MSN,
when school dismissed,
Sean scratch on zhen hong face again
because that he wants to snatch a toy car from zhen hong.
he is doing pretty good today but pei xuan disturb him
so he fight back, but this is not his fault,
so Aunties teach Sean to say"NO"to pei xuan
or ask for aunties's help instead of fighting or pushing back.

Jill said Sean is smart, he knows how to ask for help already,
he runs to Jill and said""Aunty Jill,please help!""
I guess Aunty B.Gaik and Jill are very happy when he asked for help.

Jill said she is so happy and touching, she gave Sean a big hug and kiss.
Aunty B.Gaik and Jill told me,
Sean is actually a gentle boy,
he always remember to say"please, thankyou, excuse me" when he need something,
so we have to patiently give Sean some time,
to help Sean go through this phase.
Sean will be doing good because he always put on his listening ears.

Some suggestions from Jill:
Give Sean enough playtime everyday,
to release his energy,
sometimes if the children doesn't have place to release their energy,
they will hit or bite ppl too,
release the energy in the wrong way.

For example:
1.Jumping on bed,
2.Put a dustbin in the middle of the room,let him throw the balls inside
3.Move ur sofa to the middle of living room,let him climb on it
4.Pillow fight
5.Make a 纸皮通道 let kids crawl through it (which i think it's a good idea!)
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  • cychong
  • I guess angie has release her energy. She jumps, run, dances all<br />
    the times @@
  • actaully Sean did runs and jumps all the time too, but just can't go to playground everyday, cos the playground is quite far from his grandma house. <br />
    <br />
    hmm..since Angie released so much energy, i wonder why she can't sleep early..keke...<br />
    <br />
    actually Sean is different from school and home, i think it's most probably the school has many friends, more challenge. :-)

    candysquare 於 2009/04/02 12:59 回覆

  • cychong
  • Yes. we also wonder since Angie released so many energies why<br />
    cant she sleep early >"<<br />
    <br />
    Like our time we went back to KK, my mother looks at how Angie's<br />
    play...and release her energies. My mother happily said "Good.<br />
    Good. She will sleep early today."<br />
    <br />
    kw and I will say 'Let wait and see' [And of course, she still<br />
    go to sleep very late @@]
  • haa...angie must be a "super girl"...<br />
    <br />
    sean if i took him for swimming or play at playground at evening, he will sleep quite early, around 9:00-10:00pm.

    candysquare 於 2009/04/02 16:32 回覆