When i take out my pink cap, 小婕said she wants to wear it,
so i gave it to her.
See, she looks so cute with the cap, but it's too big for her,keke
小婕 is eating egg tart.

It's a hot day!!

Beautiful building


The beautiful building at the back is Pullman hotel, wow!!


小婕and Liow.


Jill and her sister, crocodile.


OMG! is Sean trying to hold 小婕's hand??
This kid is really funny!

Sean found a toilet roll in the toilet(wow, their toilet is soooo clean!!)
He used it as a telescope, so funny!

We found a Free horse + pony riding there.
小婕and Sean are both afraid of the giant horse at first,
Both of them said "No "to the horse riding.

But hey man!! Come on it's Free!
Me this kiasu mommy don't feel like letting this chance go,
so i keep on encourage Sean to go for horse riding with mommy,
finally he nod his head and say "YES"! (yippee i said quietly)

This horse is called GRUKA.
Sean is afraid at first, but then slowly he found that it's fun,
he starts to touch and pad GRUKA's hair.

Last round, we said Thankyou to GRUKA and also the 馬夫。

Then suddenly Sean ask me, Mommy can i ride the baby horse?
(He means the poney)
Of course darling, let mommy go to ask the 馬夫 can u ride the pony.
My brave little boy!!

Sean really ride on the pony by himself, I am not helping at all.
(cos i m bz taking photos)
(But Liow is so nervous, keep asking me to hold Sean...
afraid tat Sean might fall down.hahaha)

It's a wonderful experience for Sean.
We thanks for little pony named Mr. John.

When we are on our way to the car park,
we saw a group of girls practising for dragon boat.

A 100plus for 小婕 and a ice cream for Sean.

We went to a organic restaurant for Lunch with Jill's family.


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  • jynmummy
  • i miss the poney riding >.<!<br />
    maybe it&#39;s too late when we reached there<br />
    nothing left!<br />
    but kids seem alright. hehe
  • cychong
  • So nice!! got free ride of horse and pony!!!.<br />
    <br />
    Yes. once they tried to ride horse/pony. They will be brave as<br />
    they have tried it and found it is not as bad as they thought.<br />
    ha ha ha
  • ivyclh
  • wow! Sean so brave!! mummy too! haha..
  • velisian
  • wow, what a nice trip .. Sean is really brave :)
  • Bee
  • Jill&#39;s sister&#39;s name is Crocodile? Is it for real?
  • haha..dun be so serious bee..

    crocodile = 鱷魚 = 二姨

    candysquare 於 2009/06/10 17:18 回覆

  • Bee
  • HaHa! I see. What a good name, then!
  • jill
  • Bee,really dun be so serious,hahahha!!!<br />
    <br />
    小轩真的很勇敢!我昨天屁股痒问小婕要不要骑马,她还是在要和不要之<br />
  • Bee
  • Oh, don&#39;t worry, I&#39;m not being serious at all. I&#39;m <br />
    just laughing my butt off. HaHa!
  • muiee
  • Oh candy cut short hair oh~ Nice!<br />
    <br />
    Wah Pullman@KL so gland!<br />
    Happy outing days again~~