This morning when I'm driving Sean to Tadika,
We saw his favorite Cement Mixer parking at the roadside near our house.

Sean: Mommy, Cement Mixer broke down~
Mommy: haha~no. I think the cement mixer's driver just park here and went to mamak to have his breakfast.
Sean: Mommy, what does cement mixer like?
Mommy: hmm?? (I don't understand his question)
Sean: Cement mixer likes what??
Mommy: ...cement mixer likes to ...mix cement ??? (廢話~~)
Sean: Yes!! cement mixer likes to mix cement!

And then he starts to tell story.

Sean: Cement mixer mix cement, Digger dig, Dump truck dump,
They build house for us!

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  • 芬
  • 他是不是有看Bob the builder?
  • 近來好像有看。哈哈。

    candysquare 於 2009/07/10 17:51 回覆

  • jynmummy
  • sean is brilliant
  • Thanks.~~~~

    candysquare 於 2009/07/10 17:53 回覆