This morning we were late to school, Sean missed a few round of activities.

Once he arrived Tadika, BeeGaik asked Sean to put on his apron,
he immediately ran to join his friends.

I was standing outside the gate trying to take a glimpse on the children's outdoor activities,
BeeGaik invite me to go in but I think it's better to stand outside and not to disturb the children n aunties. :-)


Guess what? The children are doing Science experiment!! It looks so fun!
Aunties are teaching them about "Float" and "Sink".
Aunties took some objects (I've forgot what's the objects they used,
but it's the things that can found around us, one of it is Kakak's Ermi's cup )

Aunties asked the children to guess will it float or sink,
and Wow! the children can get it right most of the time.
Aunties won't tell the answer first,
but ask the children to put the objects into the basket of water and see the result by themselves.

What a joyful morning!

I think it's a fun activity to play with ur children at home!

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