31th Jan 2010(Sunday)-4th Feb 2010(Thur)


Green Cotton


Play-Sean's Day

Chatuchak park

Children Discovery museum part

TK park

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  • Bryan Mummy
  • 哈哈﹗大多數是Jill家裡的連接 :P
  • 玩的都是抄她家的~~哈哈。


    candysquare 於 2010/01/15 23:37 回覆

  • Jill
  • Green cotton 看起来好舒服哦,而且价钱不贵,看到包包也只是160baht,等你回来报告~

    听muiyee说,TK park要关闭了,呜呜呜呜呜呜。。。。
  • muiyee=muiee=CY的好友嗎?或是作家玫怡?

    不會吧~~~bad news~~ >_<

    green cotton我是看到cotton underwear! 看到organic cotton就好吸引,有緣的話想去看看有什麽有趣的東西。

    candysquare 於 2010/01/15 23:43 回覆

  • Jill
  • 就是CY的朋友。因为是taksin政府年代的图书馆,现在换人执政了,没有经费搞下去,打算结束营业,唉。。。。

    cotton underwear 很吸引!
    Silvia:她这次回来之后,我也要抄她的作下次用,哈哈哈!sharing is fun,ha ha ha!
  • 啊~~~~~那我去的時候希望還健在。


    candysquare 於 2010/01/16 00:14 回覆

  • Jackie
  • I went to Bangkok holiday in Dec, I bought some green cotton stuff too, stocks & Tee shirts are in good quality! U can go to MBK 6 floor, there's a small store there.
    Go try Somboon Seafood - Curry crab & steamed water prawn are good! But dont go to the fake one!
    Jackie (I'm Kristy's uni. friend)
  • oo~~thanks for telling me green cotton is worth to buy, haha. i m just thinking to go to buy panties cos i need comfortable panties, haha!! i dun plan to go MBK, but now i think i should spend some time there.

    for the seafood, it's too bad tat both of me n hubby are allergic to seafood, i think we won't dare to try on seafood..too bad too bad.

    thanks jackie, and welcome ~~

    candysquare 於 2010/01/19 01:04 回覆

  • Jackie
  • U r most welcome! If time permits, you can try Grand pearl river cruise (http://www.bangkok.com/dinner-&-shows-tours/grandpearl.html), buffet dinner on board. Experience the river with this cruise for 2 hours. Such a good experiences that I had in my life!!! Advice: Book the tour from hotel (pullman hotel) only THB1300 per adult (the lady gave my girl who was 2 years & 10 months old in last dec as free).
  • Thankyou very much~ will jot down in my note.

    candysquare 於 2010/01/20 13:57 回覆

  • lollipop4u
  • Grand pearl river cruise !!! Thanks, Jackie!! I want to note down too!!!
  • Jackie
  • U r most welcome! Pls note: there're 3 levels for the grand peral cruise (can accomodate more than 300 paxs), the lady advised us to take the aircon seat (in the middle, its more convenience for kids & food just beside us), i found its perfect place, after the dinner u can just walk around the cruise. For upper level, i think its a bit too dark & windy(although candles are placed on the table) & the musical band voice is a bit too loud, romantic for couple but may not suitable for kids.